Wednesday, April 17


  1. That place looks….interesting.

    You need to go to the Rain Forest Cafe if you haven’t already. That’s a fun place. Alcatraz is cool. Um, The pier….

    …I’m sure Sarah will figure out where to take you.

    I wish I could be in California in August, but unfortunately I have to go back to school. Priscilla asked if I’d be around and I told her I’d have to go back to school. I told her that my friend Michelle lives just outside of St. Louis and I’m thinking I may just have to hitch a ride with her when she goes home next semester and meet some Walls! And Jon, of course. *g*

  2. I love SF! Go to the Exploratorium (if you are a kid at heart and have lots of curiousity) enjoy the nearby Palace of Fine Arts. Take time to go to Muir Woods (you cross the Golden Gate on your way) and do the easy hike (bring camera). Stop at Sears for Swedish pancakes one morning (it’s a locals hangout). Got moolah? Have dinner at Rose Pistola or MC2 (I loved their food…work paid). Check out Sony Metreon for shopping, movies and some fast food. Visit SFMOMA and the Asian art museum (they just redid this I think). Walk thru Chinatown. For a cheap thrill, walk to the TransAmerica building (the pyramid). On your way there, resist the urge to look up at all. Stand at the base of the building, then look up. You’ll get the feeling that the thing stretches up into the sky for miles!