Tuesday, April 16

It’s something of a mystery for me, and its bothersome in the way that things are bothersome when they lie just outside of your understanding. Why is it that people feel the need to disparage or make fun of those who choose live with less, to take the precautionary road, and avoid such things that they consider dangerous. In some way the attitude is related to normal biases, such as the ones humanity often takes up against people in different class distinctions or racial groups. Is it because we feel somehow that their choice to avoid questionable things casts doubt on our own character? Perhaps you can offer me some insight.



  1. Those who voluntarily renounce the things of this world are often looked upon with derision. If this is done for Christ’s sake, then such disparagments should be considered as joy. However, many people often do these things with pride, believing that they are somehow more spiritual when in reality they are only more cautious. Those who renounce the world can end up either like St. Francis of Assisi or the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.

  2. Very true. What I don’t understand is the motivations behind those doing the disparagments.