Wednesday, July 24


  1. I’ve discovered that many of my best photos are the ones that pull an object out of the crowd. Its difficult to provide context to something when that is the only object in the photo. Zooming out enough to provide its surroundings helps to establish some of the story and leaves room for imagination.

  2. To be honest, I don’t usually think much about a photo when I’m taking it. During a photo shoot, there’s usually so much going on that you don’t have time to really break down a composition before shooting it. I try to keep a very basic idea of the feel I’m aiming for in my mind when I compose a shot and I shoot anything that I find striking or noticeable. I usually don’t really notice photographs until I’ve seen them once and had a few days or a couple weeks of not thinking about them. Its very much like treasure hunting because you don’t really know what you have even though you took the photographs.

  3. Incidently, I’m rather taken with your observation, which adds a good bit to composition of the photo.

  4. i was glad to have helped you see your photo in a different way. i find this picture neat for the way that it did come out because you weren’t trying to stage it. good job!

  5. nice–its 3 separate roses in 1 picture but it looks as if this is 1 rose that bloomed in 3 stages; from bud to rose. was that your plan?

  6. wow yeah, I like the composition of the 3 stages, like jennifer said. very cool, even though it wasn’t planned. :)