Tuesday, April 16

“Ok… take a deep breath”, I think and slowly fill my lungs with oxygen. Stress floats away for a few moments as my mind is preoccupied with the expansion of my lungs and then settles back into the muscles in my neck and shoulders as I remember all the things that are currently going on. I pause for a moment to engage in wishfull thinking and my mind starts coming up with weasly little reasons why I shouldn’t be the one to have to do these things. I start thinking who I can unload it on and the catch myself. “That isn’t going to help you any”, I mumble. I love life… I really do. Especially the stretching times… “Feel the burn”, I think… “Feel the burn”….



  1. There are times I want to just unload my whole life on someone else. But, like you said, that won’t help me any…and it won’t make it any easier. Bleh. Prayers for you, Bro.

  2. i did a study this pas week on “obedience” and “sacrifice” – basically, when we focus on the task at hand it’s a HAVE-TO mindset, but if we focus on the outcome or who it’s for, like serving Jesus, we’re more likely to have a WANT-TO outlook at the things we must do. but you’ve found a third place – a GET-TO, where you GET-TO serve others, serve the Lord, feel the burn, feel the burn. thanks for sharing!

  3. *smile* I don’t want to sound overly spiritual. I’ve discovered that God sends these times to you weather you like them or not, and I’m a pragmatic person. Emotionally… its easier to smile and say its a workout, because workouts have positive outcomes. And in truth, spiritual fire is a positive thing. Yeah… I get to grow. *grin* I just keep telling myself that…