Sunday, July 21

I Wonder as I Wander has been boring lately. Yes, I know it’s true. I’ve lost interest you see. It hasn’t been much of a priority, and I’ve lost my focus. Posting on blogs, blogging, technology, religion, politics, and such becomes boring after a while. Those “Oh so wonderful” autumn type posts that linger on the golden hues of sunset seem out of place in the midst of summer.

I think that perhaps when certain things settle, and I’ve transitioned from what I am to what I plan to be I will write more often on a more focused topic. And I wonder somewhat about my audience. Who are you? What do you like reading about on



  1. Most ‘blogs’ content seems to fit two different facets: the things they care about (hobbies, tech., politics, religion, etc.), or the things going on in their lives.

    When it comes to writing, I’ve always felt the best work I can do is something I care about and have experience with. In English classes I tend to write about Christianity, friends, and technology because those are the things that give me joy and have the most profound influence on my life.

    What do you care about? What is it you want to share with people?

    Your photography is excellent. Keep sharing that. You had a really nice article on Pity a few weeks ago. Keep sharing those things.

    There’s an audience for anything said if it’s worth saying.

  2. I like your photography, your poetry (because finding a male that writes poetry is rare around here!), and your musings!

  3. I have enjoyed your poetry, photography, and the insights the Lord gives you about Scripture passages, or about life. You are in my prayers as you go through this time ~ that you will come to the end of it being more like Christ, and knowing that HE ALONE has opened or closed the doors.

  4. I like your photography, poetry, and the how you talk about the Lord. Sometimes you shed new light on the simplest things and it makes for ani nteresting read. *smile*

    I understand the break, bro. I’ll be praying for you. *smile* God bless you, Jason.

  5. Your pictures are tops. Reading about what’s on your mind is also why I visit often. Beyond that, I like to cruise by and see if you’ve posted an update, even if there’s huge gaps between dates.

  6. Are you familiar with the “Law of Undulation” as described in C. S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters?” Your desire will return. You just need a diversion!