Saturday, May 18

You can’t help but feel a sense of courage and hope when listening to the strains of John Williams themes. It encourages me.

I could tell you life has been hectic recently, but I find that kind of post misleading and as tired sounding as I feel. It almost inevitably signals the doom of a project or hobby. Instead I am going to tell you taht many plans are in the works, all of which affect me deeply in some way or another. I don’t know how these plans are going to work out, and unfortunately have found myself unwilling to share the details with my readers.

I’m afraid I have something of a confession to make. In the past I have written what appeared to be rather emotional posts. In truth, although honest, those posts did not affect me much emotionally. They were of the type that sound nice, but mask over much of what is really going on inside. I enjoy writing for people, and sharing my creative work is something I value very much. But most of what has been going on recently is just to important to tell the world. Thus I’ve been absent.

I wouldn’t worry about this being the end of At the least, I hope it explains the lull in posting. A redesign of the website is in the works. I think I’ll be taking things in a slightly less technical direction design wise. Redesign will probably take a couple months. So something to look forward to.

Incidently, I would appreciate any and all who feel inclined to purchase prints. It costs money to host and, and the prints help to defray costs. Thanks to all!




  1. This is my first time being to the site but I strongly support your choosing to keep certain things private. Talk about what you’re happy to talk about. Share what you’d appreciate feedback on. Everyone should… and I’m sure will understand that.