Saturday, May 18

I’ve written a new poem. Praises for the Harvest is a departure from my normal verse, in that it doesn’t rhyme. The poem is based on a piece written collaboratively by myself, Rhesa, Ash, and Urquhart. The piece was begun by Rhesa and after having gone through the hands of Ash and Urquhart, it was given to me to finish. This is what I came up with.

Harvest’s Song

The song breathes across a sunlit field
The deft fingers of light strumming the harvest
Golden grain waving in the breeze
While workers lift their voices
Their scythes flashing in the brilliance
Their rhythm and verse ascending
Ascending up to heaven
Heart felt emotion pouring
As they sing with joy
With joy of hope and glory
Of glory to the Holy One
The Holy One they love

While working with the poem, I detected a natural cadence in the last six lines. Thinking that cadence would benefit the rest of the poem, I began working on implementing it on the previous lines. The poem naturally grew and the end result was this.

Praises for the Harvest

The song like breath it dances
It dances in the evening
Cross golden grain its waving
Deft fingers they are strumming
Strumming the harvest grain

The golden grain is waving
In the breeze it’s waiving
And workers lift their voices
Lift voices while they harvest
The golden harvest grain

Their harvest tools are flashing
Flashing in the brilliance
And while their tools are flashing
You can hear the rhythm
Rhythm and verse ascending

Ascending with emotion
Heart felt emotion pouring
As you hear them singing
With joy you hear them singing
Amidst the harvest grain

With song they are rejoicing
With song they set to praising
Praising the God of glory
A Holy God of Glory
Who makes the harvest grain


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