Thursday, May 23

Another report from Uganda

Dear Friends in Christ,

Not much to report. 7 killed north of Soroti near Katakwi by a land mine. Some of our missionary team will be going into Soroti tomorrow to check on things. I will be off line until Saturday. We are trying to negotiate for a place to restart Life Radio in Mbarara while we have to be out of Soroti. People come every day asking when it will be back on the air. We didn’t realize how much of an impact it was having. Pray that we can get the right place and get things started again for the Glory of God. Satan tried to harm us by running us out of Soroti but God has led us and in opening doors every step of the way. Pray that we will honor Him in each step we take. Also Pray for our Daughter A, she arrives back in Uganda on Friday.


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