Thursday, February 29

New poem, Bind Them Close

Fireflies and whippoorwills
On summer nights of yesteryear
Bring to mind the thoughts so dear
Stored away in precious nooks
And kept in secret far from sight
Till in the evening late at night
With gigles and smiles and furtive looks
You share with those who mean the most
And by your sharing bind them close
To the secret places of your heart


  1. This is great, Jason.
    I wanted to drop a note here, letting you know about my latest blog entry at Pieter Friedrich’s great ‘Deux Ego‘ site (where, as I said before, I am currently the [temporary] second blogger).

    When we last communicated, I volunteered to do a plug there for your great photo work.

    I have also re-posted, in the entry below that one, the section of an update to the Sunday, August 24th entry at my own blog relating to the recent bestselling book by Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson.

    It has been a pleasure to feature the work of yourself and Lt. Col. Patterson in those entries. Pieter’s blog is read by many people (more than who read my own), and I am glad to have informed many about your and Lt. Col. Patterson’s work.

    I hope that people follow the link in my latest entry (at ‘Deux Ego’) to this great site, and look through your weblog, your poetry, your photography, and the other pages here as well. And I hope that some of them purchase some of your great prints. Those photos are great, as is your other work here, and your work elsewhere. Keep up the great work, and God Bless!

  2. The links in my above comment from Wednesday evening do not work. That entry that I mentioned, at ‘Deux Ego,’ is currently about halfway down the blog index page:

    It is entitled "Another Plug" – the link for that entry is:

    I earlier added a few samples of Jason’s great prints to the bottom of the entry.

    I hope to get you some site traffic, and possibly some sales as well. The photos look great.

    Please let me know what you think of that blog entry. Thanks!