Thursday, May 23

The Daily Wall

I’m having trouble finding fodder for my blog. You’ve noticed I’m sure, and don’t really need me to tell you, but it makes me feel better to say it, as though somehow by the speaking it will be abolished revealing new vistas to discourse about. That’s probably why Lileks does it so often. It isn’t like we need to be told every day that he’s got a hundred columns to write, and that the bleat will not be edited. Does he ever edit it? It isn’t like we care or don’t know that he’s going to write something engaging anyway.

Life around this household has been uneventful. Its nice to not have a lot of happening going on that I must attend. And I must attend them. I feel obligated to attend them. Always. Why? you ask? Because I might miss something. Thus I reveal my most inner man, the insecure child who fears being left out, who fears missing something. *grin*

I’d make promises about the future, like how I intend to blog more often from now on, and how I’m planning a redesign, (oh yes! its coming soon, like in a couple years or something :), and how I’m finally going to add automatic line breaks to the commenting section. *grin* But most of those will probably not happen, except for the line breaks… I did that allready.

More tomorrow!