Tuesday, April 16

Are you a CSS Geek?

If you were a CSS element, what kind would you be?

#jasonwall {
  color: #D9B46F;
  src: Richard and Priscilla Wall;
  background: Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems;
  height: 5112px; /* using the 72px per inch standard */
  width: 2448px; /* using the 72px per inch standard */
  padding: to-little;
  size: medium;
  position: absolute;
  speech-rate: slow;
  speak: infrequent;
  volumn: soft;  
  stress: high;
  richness: low;
  elevation: 600ft;


  1. average elevation of Saint Louis is 600ft above mean sea level, but i’ll give you the #F1DEA9…

  2. Yes, you do have too little padding. Massaging your shoulders gave me quite the shock. Ewww, skinny boy! LOL j/k

    I like the way you talk, and I love your parents.