Wednesday, April 17


  1. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. So many of the hyperdramatized scenes seemed forced when put to film. It is as faithful as can be expected to the books, but I think that Jackson did himself and the audience a disfavor by trying to fit too much into the films. He should have excised a few of the nonessential subplots to make the story more intelligible on-screen (and this applies to all three movies). The result is a hurried and superficially sentimental piece of art. You know that you’re supposed to be feeling very sad/angry/excited/relieved at certain points, but Jackson hasn’t done much to earn that from the audience. (Perhaps this will be improved with the extended edition DVD, but we shouldn’t have to wait for a satisfying movie.) It’s my contention that whatever works emotionally in the film works because (1) people are drawing from the emotional grandeur of the books, and (2) the emotions are shoved down the audience’s throats.

    Are we really supposed to feel sympathy for Frodo’s “long” trek through Mordor to Mt. Doom when it only took one short scene on-screen?

  2. To be honest… I’m far to close to the books and story to try an argue with Jon. We did go to the midnight showing Cal, and I still think it was excellent.

    I do agree that the really short period of time it took to take Frodo through the wastes of Mordor sold the actual experience short.