Sunday, July 21

I’m at a loss. Can you suggest a title for this verse?

Wanting to move, I find myself siezed with indecision
Having a desire to respond, yet holding back
I know not what my Lord wills in this situation
And time marches on, heedless

Deep wants, the secret dreams, held close and dear
Grasping the insistant hope, while waiting
For the fog between now and the future to clear
As time marches on, heedless

The silence is His answer, and I am contented
All things in time, the patient virtue tells
With hope, and Faith my dreams in Him invested
While time marches on, with purpose

Thoughts and literary criticisms also welcome.

Update: I’ve decided to call it “Anxious Hope”. Thanks so much to all who suggested titles. They were helpful.



  1. Title:
    Abiding Faith Amidst the Fog

    I must say, You have spoken in a way I have been feeling this year.
    Very good!

  2. btw, jms is a girl.

    nice title, something about waiting would also be appropriate

    I actually understand this poem, it speaks to me

  3. When I sat down to write the poem, I was caught wanting to do something, but unsure of the consequences and whether it was a good idea or not.

    It seems like the titles are picking up on the idea of the last verse which draws from 2 Timothy 1:12, knowing that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.

    I’d like to withhold the resoution of the poem from the title though. I think the verse works better if you start at the point of tension, at that point where you are caught in indecision, unable to move because the stakes are too high. The title should reflect that I think.

  4. Title:
    God’s Timely Call Amidst the Silent Valley of Fog

    jms, stands for, Jennifer Margaret Shipley.
    jms will be changed to Jena. so it will not bring confusion; for God is not a God of confusion.