Saturday, May 18


  1. Jack,

    I wouldn’t say it was a very good article. A bunch of statistics, taken out of context used to slander the President, is largely of no real use.

    Take for instance the combat stats. Taken by themselves it looks really bad, but taken historically, there have been remarkably few deaths. And the economy stats fail to point out the reasons why the stats are like that, nor do they provide any historical data for comparison. They don’t point out that the economic downturn began before Bush took office, nor do they mention the fact that the surplus was a projection, not a real fact that changed as a result of the economic downturn that began before Bush took office.

    All in all, I found the article to be an immature jab and unworthy of publication. Journalists should have more integrity.

  2. I agree, Journalists should show more integrity, and more common sense when they write articles. I just wonder if they ever attended any writing classes in school, because if they attended mine, they would be reprimanded by the teacher for not doing a good job of being a critical thinker and backing up their stuff. its a shame!