Monday, June 17

Just Another Personality Quiz


Sarah did this quiz over on her Live Journal, and I was in the right mood, so I took the bait. According to the How to be a Hero website I am a Palladin. My profile looks like this:

You’re compassionate, forward-thinking, and devoted to doing the right thing. If you’re still in school, your teachers probably adore you, even if your grades aren’t very strong. If you work, you’re more concerned with doing your job well than climbing the corporate ladder. When it comes to leisure, you’d rather pursue the arts, spend time in nature, or enjoy quiet time with a close friend than spend all night at a raucous party. You seek out peace, beauty, and harmony wherever you can find it.

Above all, you love helping others and bringing a little light to the world wherever you can. You have strong artistic talent, even if you haven’t discovered it yet. You aren’t a social butterfly, but the friendships you have tend to be long-lasting and devoted. You feel a deep sense of contentment when you have the opportunity to show someone how much you care.

A Warning:

Try to remember: sometimes you need to fight for what you believe in. When someone steps on your rights, or the rights of others, you have to forget being "the nice guy/girl" and set things the way they should be. If necessary, befriend a Warrior and enlist him or her in your cause. Then just turn your Warrior loose and watch the fireworks.

Personal Notes: I was actually surprised by how close it comes to who I am. According to the test scores were spread out like this: Rogue (6), Warrior (11), Wizard (10), Paladin (25).



  1. heh, I’m a wizard. Amazingly close to compared to other “personality tests” I’ve taken