Saturday, May 18

Alpha’s and Omegas and… umm… Stuff


Stolen from Sarah who stole it from Hannah who stole it from Leo (whoever that is…)

First job: I repaired bicycles for a troubled childrens home where my dad worked one summer. With my money I bought my first study Bible, a New Scofield Reference edition, which I somehow recently lost.

First screen name: walljm1984 (still use it too)

First funeral: My Grandma’s (Dad’s mom)

First pet: Gerbil whom we affectionately called Reepicheep.

First piercing/tattoo: N/A

First credit card: Discover

First Kiss: A little girl named Emily who is no longer so little, but we were like 3 or 4.

First one that mattered: N/A

First love: N/A

First enemy: Can’t remember…

First big trip: Uganda, Africa in 2001.

First concert: Ray Boltz.

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Michael W. Smith.

Last car ride: to work this morning.

Last kiss: My mom last time I saw her.

Last library book checked out: can’t remember.

Last movie watched: Cool Hand Luke

Last beverage drank: Mt. Dew (I’ll probably regret that)

Last food consumed: barbecue sandwitch.

Last phone call: Jeremy

Last CD played: Wagner

Last annoyance: Not having enought time to sleep with so much work.

Last soda drank: Mt. Dew

Last ice cream eaten: Vanilla

Last shirt worn: Long Sleeved Crew Cut Black

Last website visited: diveintomark

1) Single or Taken: Single

2) Sex: Male

3) Birthday: 03/23/1978

4) Sign: Aries, but on the Chinese calendar I’m a Horse.

5) Siblings: Andrew (he calls hiself Read) and Jeremy

6) Hair color: Dark Brown

7) Eye color: Hazel

8) Shoe size: 11 1/2

9) Height: 5’11"

1) Wearing: Jeans and Black Shirt

2) Drinking: Mt. Dew

3) Thinking about: How soon can I quit my second job.

4) Listening to: The ambient noise of the people working around me.

5) Watching: my computer screen.

6) Feeling: tired, very very tired.



  1. lol
    A Gold star for anyone who know’s where the gerbils name came from? I remember that guy very well.