Monday, March 20

Bible Haiku Meme


Meme’s come and go, but this one pique’s my interest. Bible Haiku, I’m starting on Joshua because Sarah ended with Deuteronomy.

If you wish to continue this meme, start with the book followign the last Haiku. Just provide the following instructions for those who decide to join in.

Your post should include:

  1. the previous book’s haiku;
  2. a link to the post where the previous haiku appears;
  3. your book and its related haiku; and,
  4. these basic instructions.

1 Comment

  1. Hey, I found the Bible Haiku meme on yahoo search. Bible Haiku are also found in the Bible; check out thousands (we have at least one from every book AND chapter of the Bible) at

    Since January 23, 2001, Bible Haiku are being logged on the internet. Bible Haiku is defined as, “A meaningful expression consisting of seventeen consecutive syllables directly from the Bible arranged in three lines of usually five, seven, and five syllables, respectively.” We have Bible Haiku from 20 English translations of the Bible

    We call your variation “Inspired Haiku,” (not found word for word in the Bible), and our website for them is at

    We have at least one Inspired Haiku from every book of the Bible there, a milestone reached on 21 June 2003. But please, keep this going here, too.

    Here is a REAL Bible Haiku from Ezra, the next book in your list at The Fire Ant as of today, 04 May 2004:

    Let him go up to
    Jerusalem in Judah
    And build the temple.
    -Ezra 1:3 NIV translation

    And here is an Inspired Haiku (not one of mine)from Ezra:

    I have set my heart
    To know the Word of the Lord,
    To do and teach it.
    -inspired by: Ezra 7:10

    Stop by and have a look at our sites, and feel free to contribute to either site.

    Glad to run across you here. What we have here are independently parallel memes.

    One of my favorite Bible Haiku, a complete verse:

    Take delight in the
    Lord, and he will give you the
    Desires of your heart.
    -Psalm 37:4 RSV translation

    Larry S