Wednesday, September 27

Noteworthy Photographs


  • Park. I love how the words reflect the sky. Colors are brilliant and vivid. Makes me feel rich.
  • Dodge. Perfect balance between the pink and blue. Pink and Blue are the new black. You see them prominently in clothes these days. I’ve been on something of a blue theme lately, shifting from a dominance of green and orange in my clothes and website.
  • Tree Blossoms. The shade of blue feels fresh. It has the joy of Spring within its borders.
  • Regan. Shutterbug has an intimate style that I quickly grown to appreciate. Its similar to many of the portraits done by Infrangible, but often with more warmth.

If you’re a regular here, you will have noticed the unusual number of photos posted in the last couple days. I’ve promised to post reqularly before, but that has never really worked out. I’ve come up with a solution though. All those weeks spent idle had purpose. One of the things I did when I restructered a few weeks ago, was to implement preposting. Which is to say, I can write and then schedule a post to appear when I want it to. I currently have seven or eight photos in the queue, all set to appear at 7:00 am. Since my computer will be doing the posting, you can rely on the consistency. :)



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