Thursday, December 7

Noteworthy Photographs


  • Cool Passion. I’m not sure why its called that. The photo grabs my attention, but I can’t explain why. Something about the contrast of the structure at the top of the photo.
  • Adriac Home. He calls it "Thick Walls". I like mediteranian photos. There is something about the crispness of the blue and white often found there.
  • Bucolic Country Scene. Lovely shades of brown. So rich.
  • Girl with Umbrella. Karenika had had some lovely little ones featured on her blog lately.
  • View from a Backyard. A meloncholly scene with a delicate touch both sweet and bitter.
  • Portait of a Woman. It seems as though she doesn’t know the camera is there.
  • Front door in the moonlight. The colors are beautiful and saturated.

1 Comment

  1. I love Cool Passions, and the one of the precious little girl. The photo is so clear.