Monday, December 4

Elizabeth (1 of 3), Saint Louis, Missouri


Elisabeth is the daughter of a couple in my church. A couple of weeks ago she was happily hamming it up after the services were over. This shot is particularly interesting because of the lighting, which is artificial. It looks like light is coming in from a window, in the early morning. I shot the photo with auto white balance, and the flash was bounced off a white wall some 20 feet away.



  1. For a flash second, I thought it was Anna Beth, but Anna Beth looks older.

    This is a precious picture, Jay.

  2. She’s very cute! I didn’t know they spelled her name with an S, just like I did with AnnaBeth.

    Ash, I’ll have to send you a current picture of AnnaBeth, she’s got a lot of curls on her head.

  3. Actually it is spelled with a “z” – Elizabeth. But she is the cutest little thing isn’t she!? And such a happy, pleasant baby to be around.

  4. Addison Todd on

    Oh sweet sweet baby. I got the chance to hold her this weekend. What I cute kid..

  5. prints available upon request! Just give me the link and what sizes you want in how many.