Thursday, December 1

This Post is a Test of the Google Zeitgiest, This is Just a Test


I’ve been wondering lately what the effect would be on my blog if I regularly posted something, say once a week or once a month using all the key words in the Google Zeitgeist. *grin* So I’m going to try this experiment. Once every month, I’m going to post something using all the key words in the top gaining query’s of the Zeitgeist and see what effect it has on google refferal traffic. So here we go…

Cameron Diaz has been in the news lately. Her exploits in some photo session resulted in a rather unsavory video that has made its way onto the net. She’s been pursuing legal action, and the latest is a cease and desist letter to Gawker and related sites.

The Tour De France is also in the news. The big question being, will Lance Armstrong win his 6th victory?

Kiera Knightly is on the zeitgeist, I suppose because of her appearance in Troy and most recently the movie King Arthur.

I can understand the reason for Jeopardy being high on the list, as the continued run of Ken Jennings winning streak is no small source of amazement among the population. Kottke recently predicted what would happen if Jennings streak continues… it could well be…

Why is Jenna Bush in the top ten though? One can only wonder. Its probably because of the coming election. The twins keep apearing in Yahoo’s top photo section walking with their dad. Interesting.

The other two top gaining queries are Anchorman, a reference to the latest sleazy movie by Will Ferral, and Jet Blue, the up and coming airline that has been impressing people with its service and cheap fares.

And one more query, that of Eric Douglas. I’m assuming that this is the Eric Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas who was found dead recently.

Well, thanks for visiting. We’ll see you next month! 


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