Sunday, January 29

State of the Walljm Address


The last few months have been busy. I had to replace my truck, I’ve shot two weddings, done several smaller photo jobs, work has picked up, and I’ve been physically weak. :)

Last couple days here have been very nice, with temps in the 60’s. It reminded me of Fall and how much I miss it. I currently don’t have any photos to post, and I don’t have time to scour the archives. I had hoped to keep a daily posting up here for a long time before a break, but I’m not going to make it. As soon as I have a chance to grab the camera and have some fun I’ll resume, or if I can get caught up with photo processing for some clients, I’ll scour the archives. Until then posting will be infrequent.





  1. You’ve “shot two weddings”? You need to be more careful about yer grammar. ;-)