Friday, August 12

Client Side XML/AJAX Bible App Updated


I updated the Bible Lookup with Strongs. The Hebrew dictionary is now online, and the reference parsing is less brittle, but not a whole lot less brittle. Hey, anyone interested in codeing a Javascript 1.5 Bible Reference Parsing library?

If so, here is what it should do. It should take a string as an input, and return an object with four properties, Book, Chapter, Start Verse, End Verse.

Things to consider:

  • What to do when they don’t enter a chapter, or don’t enter a verse, or don’t enter a verse range. In each case, the object should figure out the verse range and populate it. So if a verse range isn’t given, and no verse is given, the object should return all the verses in the chapter.
  • What to do if they use a book abbreviation.

I’d be mighty grateful. 

I put the bible reference parsing object I’m using in a seperate file. You can download it and check it out if you like. If you do impliment it, using the interface I did would make it easier to drop in.


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  1. Just a note, I plan to zip these up and offer them for download when I get them a little more robust. Consider it like a kind of open source project. :)