Friday, August 12

AJAX Bible App Update


I updated the Bible App. It now shows verse numbers. The Bible Parsing Javascript Object has also been updated. It will now accept references that are fully spelled out or abbreviated. You can enter just the verse, or just the chapter. And it is case insensitive. So the following types of refs will work:

  • Matthew 3:9
  • Mat 3
  • 1jn 2:11-12
  • 1 john 3:1
  • genesis 4
  • john 3:16

and so on. You can find the entry to the bible app on the Projects page. I will soon zip everything up for download, though you could get all the files you needed now. 

There seems to be a bug in the reference parsing object. For some reason 1jn or 1john brings up references from revelation. The issue lies in my regex expressions. I’d be grateful if someone were to point out where the problem is. ;)

Update 2:
I found the error in the parsing object. It now works just fine.


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