Wednesday, October 5

Street Scene, Galway, Ireland


March 13th

Galway is nicer than Dublin, less crowded and thus feels less frantic. The size of the town is something I feel I can put my mind around. Its funny, traveling. So much newness almost puts me outside myself. Its a feeling of being unable to quite process all I’m seeing, and so I go into recording mode, not really understanding or comprehending, just observing. I’m trying not to get lost, and to remember what it was I wanted to experience while here, but at the same time, expectations can never be quite what the reality of something is like. The process of experiencing reality is what makes you grow and gives you wisdom.

We go to the Aran Islands tomorrow. It will be then that I get to see cliffs and the sea and castles. The old Ireland, the Ireland that I’ve read about in fantasy novels wil be there. That is the Ireland I want to experience. I think the modernity of my surroundings is a little dissapointing, even though I expected it. I don’t crave modernity, I crave fairy tales, swords and castles and romantic heros who fall in love with fair maidens. ;) Well, I can dream. Tomorrow, Aran Islands, and perhaps that cute Irish girl… 



  1. You might want to leave the cute little Irish girls alone because you don’t want to leave behind a broken heart. That might not give you good luck. ;)