Wednesday, July 24

The Internet Has Been Boring Lately


Every so often the Internet ebbs and becomes boring. Not much is happening online. But, at home, things are hopping, and because of this I find myself with not really enough time to keep on top of it all.

So a small break is in order. I’ll get a new batch of photos ready to post in a few days, and I have an essay I’d like to post in the near future also. I am flying to San Francisco this weekend for Sarah’s graduation and when I get home I’ll resume a normal posting schedule. So, in the interm, its been lovely weather here in Saint Louis, and if you live around here then you should go outside and enjoy it. ;) I have a lot of archives, and nothing makes me happier than when you peruse them, so make yourself at home, I’ll be back next tuesday. 



  1. Addison Todd on

    It shall be lonely without you. I do look forward to the “essay” that is on it’s way.

  2. YOU ARE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO!!!! dude, that’s so cool!!! Have fun in the Bay Area ^_^