Wednesday, July 24

Thoughts, and Miscelleni


I’ll admit, this post is prompted more by the fact that there isn’t much on the front page than my anything else. I feel compelled to explain myself, which isn’t, by necessity, a bad thing.

Past few weeks have been dull. Not in the sense that there hasn’t been things going on, but in the sense that in spite of the things going on, I still feel a bit empty, like I’ve misplaced my ability to focus on my goals and want very much to take a long long vacation. ;)

I got bogged down with a cold a week or so ago, and that has made me want to stay in bed. I’ve not been able to concentrate on much of anything since then. I am feeling better though, and the Thanksgiving holiday is coming up. I took a few days off last week, and I’ll be taking a few days off around thanksgiving, so that should help restore thing a bit I hope.

I’ve been watching for people to describe on the train, but there have been few really unique characters. Or maybe I’ve just become used to them.

I was going to say more, but I think I’ll let it go at this. Look for my article on Faith, which is coming soon, and some posts on photographic lighting. 


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