Monday, September 25


  1. Hey Jason. I was wondering: why do you have all three versions of feeds as options? I’m just now starting to subscribe to feeds (I know, I’ve been living under a rock), and up to this point, you’re the first person I saw that offers options. All three contain the same information, right? Is this good web development practice? If so, why don’t the big guys (Jeff Zeldman, Cameron Moll, John Snook, etc) do it?

    I need to offer some kind of feed on my sites…I’m so behind the times.

    PS: your contact form gave me errors when I tried to use it.

  2. I like it very much. I will have to talk to you about designing some tea bag folding papers for me. this one would make a beautiful one! :

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Harrison: It took about 15 minutes, to tell the truth. The photoshop brushes did most of the work.

    Chris: I offer all three so people have a choice of which one to subscribe to. I’m not sure it matters. I haven’t really paid much attention to which feed won the feed battle. Oh, and I’ll take a look at the contact form. I really aught to take it down… I don’t think anyone has used it in a long time.

    Mom: Tea bag folding papers sounds like fun!