Monday, September 25

I have photos in the bin


but no time to sort and post. But the real reason the photo blog is sitting idle, is because what I have in the bin doesn’t really express what I want to say right now.

For all those who know me, but hear from me little, life for me has been consuming. Mostly at work. The project I’m currently on has required a great deal of concentration and I’ve had little time to devote to other things. *sigh* It sounds like a poor excuse. At the very least, its a common one.

What you get, dear reader, out of all this is more writing than usual. I haven’t been totally void of creative energy. I’ve been posting poetry, but mostly, I’ve been working on something brand new. Its not ready yet, but I want it to be ready soon, so it has consumed all my available creative energy. If you’re eager to see it, then send me an email or shoot me an IM (AIM: walljm2002, Jabber/GTalk: [email protected]) and bug me to finish it. ;)



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