Wednesday, July 24

STL Holiday Meetup


I have for a long time wanted to participate in the STL Bloggers meetups, but for the longest time they were scheduled on Wed nights, a time that is permanently booked for me. So I was pretty excited when they scheduled one on a Friday, last night.

I met some neat folks. And if you are one of those neat folks dropping by, let me first offer you my apologies for the mess. ;) I started redesigning a few months ago, and err, got stalled. So part of is different than the rest.

In the spirit of linkyness, here are the websites of people I met:

The State of Discontent is Jaelithe (her real name!), a writer. Very cool, who apparently has a sister (i think) who is getting married. Send her my way! (

Courtey Watson makes bracelets out of data wire. Crafty. I met her only briefly at the end. You can buy those cool little wire bracelets here on her etsy shopping site.

The Cupcake Project girl is named Stef (full name i don’t remember, sorry!). Her husband is getting into photography professionally also. The cupcake site is a great concept. very cool.

Dwight is a wannabe writer and blogger (so he says). Wears a leather jacket and swaggers. ;) He writes thrillers in novel form. Sweet.

Nothing Gained and Nothing Lost is the blog of Farrel, a single mommy with reddish hair. I didn’t get to speak much with her, but she writes technical manuals for a software development firm.

Bill Streeter runs LoFi Saint Louis, a video blog centered around bands and music mostly. Cool guy. One of the first video bloggers on the vlog scene.

Susanisk i met only briefly also. She works for a PR firm, beyond that, you’ll have to visit her blog.

So great fun. There were 25-30 people there, a number of which i didn’t meet, and some who i didn’t get websites for. Here’s to keeping in touch! 



  1. was nice to meet you and hopefully we’ll get more of a chance to talk photography.. I was glad to chat all beit not as much as I’d have liked,

    Kudos your shots are awesome

  2. Had fun meeting you last night! I don’t think I ever did tell you my last name so you didn’t forget it.

  3. Dwight Wannabe on

    A pleasure to meet you, Jason.

    Your photography is awesome. Love the architectural stuff.

  4. I was there. . . and may have been sitting in the chair where your coat hung, which meant you probably previously occupied said chair, which means I probably stole your chair. Was this you or did I just make that up?

  5. Nope. That was me! I think i bothered you when i retrieved it. but you didn’t steal my chair, i moved early on during the party. :)