Tuesday, July 27

Pectus Excavatum: The Last Step


For the last two years I’ve been carrying a steel bar in my chest. It looked like this:

Last friday, I had it removed. It was the last step in the Nuss Procudure. Having had two years for the bones and cartilage of my rib cage to set in the new position, the bar was no longer necessary.

Here are some thoughts. The incisions hurt far far less than the broken bones. Recovery this time around has been orders of magnitude less difficult. Like last year, I have a cough during this process. I don’t recommend getting sick before your surgery.

Between the two incisions and the cough, I’ve been more tired than usual. You don’t realize how much work your body is doing just repairing itself.

If you’re interested in more about this procedure, I’ve written several posts a couple years ago detailing the process. you can find those posts here: Pop Goes the Sternum! or How I Had My Pectus Excavatum Corrected, the Aftermath.

In other news:

My life has been a complicated and tangled mass of stuff lately. I’d like to tell you all about it, but I can’t. Lets suffice it to say that if I appear distracted, its not you. I’ve just had a lot on my mind. Work has been busy, Church has been busy, and my Life has been busy (photography business, surgery, etc…).

I feel rather emotionally raw.

I’ve lost sleep. I’ve watched more tv/movies than is good for any normal human being. I’ve written moody poetry, some of which I actually like. I’ve seen God do amazing things. And last night, I cried three times watching Amistad. Take of that what you will.



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  1. You are one impressive young man!!! get well soon and get rid of that cough. Love Uncle John