Tuesday, July 27

Some Things I’d Like to Say


1) Perception is flawed. To believe otherwise is to open yourself up to deception.

2) We rarely have all the facts.

3) Until the law came, there was no sin.

4) Hope in anything except Christ is false hope.

5) I’ve become a very very jaded man.

6) I predicted Barack Obama would become the next President of the United States 2 years ago, before he declared he was running. Because people underestimate the power of words, and a silver tongue is more valuable than gold in politics.

7) I hope, very much, that Barack Obama’s decisions in the White House do not result in more freedom for women to murder their unborn children.

8) Its never good when the legislative and executive branch are controlled by the same party.

9) Its never good when the Senate and House have clear majorities on the same side.

10) Republicans and Democrats can’t be trusted.

11) We rarely have all the facts.

12) People lie, exaggerate, gloss over, and leave out information. Its not really done on purpose.

I thinks that’s everything. For now. 


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