Wednesday, September 27

Country Sunset (1 of 4)


I’m going to try and start writing some kind of analysis with my photos, just because I think I’ve become a little lazy and because I’m trying to develop and think about why I take a photo. The process of thinking about what the compositional elements mean will hopefully exercise the mental muscle and work its way into the process before I actually take it. :) so here goes:

This is an HDR processes image, using the RAW file I created 5 images spaced 1 f/stop apart. The hope was to even out the sky and deepen the gradients in the clouds, which it did.

The first thing that hits me is the bigness of the sky. I put just a narrow strip of horizon and shot up because I wanted as much sky as possible, but I still wanted to anchor the image to a specific location.

The brilliance of the color is fanciful, though not by much. The scene was almost that bright and vibrant. The photo was taken Christmas day, just outside my parents house, which sits on the edge of town, next to a corn field.

The silhouetted houses in the background add a rustic vibe. This is country. Its simple, but grand.


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