Wednesday, October 5

Saint Louis Skyline, Saint Louis, MO



Ok.  I’ve been working on my HDR’s lately and I like this one.  Its vibrant, rich, deep.  I has balance.  I like the way the skyline on the right is balanced with the sort of industrial look on the left.

I’ll admit, stl never looks this pretty. :) but we wish it did. and hey, I’d hang this on my wall.

This is an HDR and a stitched panorama. I took two sets of 3 photos 2 stops apart and stitched them with Autopano Pro, processed the HDR with Photomatix, and color corrected and finished it in photoshop.  The final image is 5000+ pixels wide.  I plan to print and hang it in my living room. ;)

Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? come on, I can take it.


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