Tuesday, July 27



i lost my footing back in april
and found i was foundering
adrift without a tether tied
my soul no longer calm

it was anguish at first to feel
the pressing panic of my mind
a palpable fear that i had lost
solace in a constant will

yet through the turbulence
of my excited state of mind
a living truth was working
to stay a shaky confidence

and though not all is settled
and doubt yet delves beneath
hope is not quite diminished
nor truth so easily released
— 12/6/09 – 4

the last two lines have always bothered me (the meter is off), but i can’t figure out how to say what i want with the right meter, so i let it stand.  this isn’t one of me best works, but it was written during the worst crisis of faith i’ve ever had, one that led eventually to a severe anxiety attack.  so its personal.  still, i’d like to see the last two lines resolved, so if you have any suggestions, i’m open to hearing them. :)


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