Monday, September 25

A Bleak and Lonely Midwinter Landscape


your delicate softness masks the bitter wind
and amber glows on your icy countenance
the frigid fingers of your caress warms me
as i dwell on the beauty of your substance

i see the night fall on the driven visage
of your bleak and lonely midwinter landscape
and the beauty of the stillness i behold
gives me hope that i too might find escape

for this world sometimes overwhelms me
with the constant struggle to get somewhere
and i get lost in the chaos of its institutions
feeling lost, alone and without the will to care

but moments like these as i look on beauty
stirs the inner depths of my disquieted soul
and in that place of discontented heartache
i am calmed, encouraged and made whole
— 1/11/10 – 44


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