Sunday, February 25

Day 1 – Missive 1: West Virginia


I’m sitting in a McDonalds in Philippi, WV.  The sounds of old men talking and catching up about this and that murmur in the background.  One gentleman asks another, “Is your wife still livin?”  Such candor is unexpected, but it makes me smile. :)

I spent the night in Blackwater Falls State Park.  The day and night have been clear and dry and the temperature cool.  A fire after setting up camp was welcome as temperatures fell after dark.  I drifted off to sleep to the smell of wood smoke and the gentle sounds of distant campers and crickets.

The best part of the trip so far has been Sugarlands Rd, just off of 219.  A winding 1 lane road that runs along a small stream.  Covered by trees, with few road hazards, the scenery was beautiful.  Moss and fern covered forest floors, woods of pine and deciduous trees, and the stream running gently over rocks and rills, babbling along.  Small homes tucked away in little valleys, pastures and fields dotted along the way here and there.

I have 10 more hours of road before I reach Chicago, and I expect to spend the night on the road once more before reaching Jeremy and Julie.


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