Thursday, May 23

Mothers Day Haiku


Today is Mothers Day, here in the US, and i wanted to everyone to know just how cool my mom is. In Proverbs 31:28, it says that a noble woman’s children will, “rise up and call her Blessed”. All my life, my mother has been a Godly woman. Her example at home in her walk with God was instrumental in my life as i grew up and had to make decisions of my own about how i was going to serve God. My mom is one of the most creative people i know. Me and my brothers never lacked for stuff to do, or interesting things to occupy our time, (that is if we wanted them). On trips, she would pack an endless store of games and activities to keep us busy. My mom is a servant who has spent countless hours doing things for other people. My mom has been a loyal wife, supporting my father in the decisions he has made. I just want the whole world to know that my mom is awesome, and that i love her, and i appreciate all the effort, care and love that went into helping me become the person i am. I love you mom.

loyal wife is she
of great faith and love for God
my mom is blessed

her loving son,


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