Thursday, May 23

Ugandan Haiku


We are finally here!!! The trip was very long, but my first experience flying was very cool. Getting luggage through everywhere was a pain, and a couple of bags gave us trouble, but thankfully we all managed to get here with all our stuff. The bag with the chaulk for our chaulk artist, Joshua, got lost and didn’t make it to the airport. So we would all appreciate your prayers concerning that.

Entebbe and Kampala are incredible. The level of technology is so primitive compared with the states. I am just now begining to get a small grasp of the importance of what is going on here. Please pary for all of us as we prepare for the class.

I’m writing from an office for for British Air, we are here trying to track down that missing bag. I’ll leave you today with a haiku I composed while on the plane, looking out over an expanse of blue and silver clouds.

Clouds silver and blue
Endless lands beneath my feet
The freedom of flight

In Uganda,


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