Monday, June 17

This morning, we went to the market in Soroti. They had fresh fruits and vegetables for sale. Their meat was out in the open as well. I am still tired, though on Ugandan time, and i have been contemplative for most of the day. I have been struck with how real everything is here. You get used to thinking about foreign cultures from a distance, and things here are not far away, but at your doorstep. Much of what you see has none of the romance painted by movies and television. The need is here great.

This afternoon we went on visitation. I was paired with to Ugandan’s, Monday and Richard. I was very impressed with how well they handled themselves. The importance of knowing the Bible and having it memorized can not be understated. Being able to explain what you know is also a very important skill. Twice I was asked to ‘preach’ to the person, and I found myself floundering for lack of what to say. Another difficulty is understanding what they mean when you talk to them. It isn’t that I can not understand their English, but what they mean by what they say is often not the same thing as what I mean.

Tomorrow is Sunday, it is 10:00 here in Soroti. I have so enjoyed my experiences so far. It is very nice to be free of the constant noise of the city. Our accents are very confused right now. Having passed through England and here, we are picking up little mannerisms. I keep catching myself using their manner of speech. By the time we get home we will likely be comfortable using their kind of English, so it should be fun for you all when we get home.

On a personal note, I love you Mom and have thought of you and Dad while I’ve been away. I like traveling and I hope to do more in the future. Just want to say hi to all my friends, Jon, Anna, Dave, Ben, Tamara, Allen and Megan, Sarah in San Francisco, Warren, Andrew, Jeremy and Julie, Chad Burnz, and all those I can’t remember at the moment. Yoga Do (goodbye in Ateso)

In Uganda,


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