Wednesday, April 17

Today was the first day of class. Things went very well, the men seemed as though they understood and were catching on quickly. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow when they take the test and turn in their homework. Please continue to pray, there is much work left to be done and very little time.

I am sleeping better than before. Last night I only woke up twice during the night. I think of all the things that I miss the most, regular dependable water is the one. It is difficult to shower, but not being able to flush after every use is disturbing. As Dr. Guimon says here, ‘If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down.’ Oh well, we live and serve in the conditions God puts us in, and it has given me a new appreciation for what I have at home.

I am beginning to think and journal with a Ugandan accent. They speak English here mostly, but with a heavy accent. Their sentences are short, and they emphasize each word. Many times I find myself saying, ‘very bad’, or ‘very good’ to describe things I would normally describe in more detail.

The men in my class are very cool. Some of their names are Manday, Eriju, Paul Milugi, and Twasea. Please pray for them, for there is much to learn, and very little time.

In Uganda,


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