Tuesday, April 16

Greetings to all the saints who labor in the States. :) Before I begin to ramble on about my thoughts and things for the day I have an important message for everyone. The priciple thing here is Africa is that resources are often limited. Some families may not have heard from their loved ones in a little while, and that is because there is one phone and one laptop that can be used for internet access, and the access to the internet is limited. The Guimons have done their best to help us communicate to everyone, but with 11 people calmoring for use, sometimes there just isn’t time. You take this and figure in a 60/40 chance of having electricity to charge the phone and laptop with and you get sporadic usage. So please accept our apologies for any delays or missed opportunities to talk. :)

Now for the news… The first week has concluded and much has been accomplished. The men are, for the most part, grasping the material that we are teaching. Many find it hard to understand the complexities ofthe English grammer. We have gone over the majority of the learning and much of the next week will be spent practicing what we have learned.

I am begining to get to know many of the people here. I have 13 men in my class, and it is a new experience to be called teacher. I am given a lot of repect because of my position. Sometimes I feel like I do not deserve it, for many of these men are older than me, and some are older than my parents. It is gratifying also to see some of them work as hard as they do trying to learn. For them, learning how to study the Bible for themselves is a great gift. Many times we take our understanding of scripture and grasp of the English language for granted in the United States. Most people here live in poverty, and the men here know that the only hope Uganda has for escaping the conditions they endure is for the Gospel of God to be preached to their nation but people from their nation.

Please pray for them and us. Perhaps I sound like a broken record, or you may think that the need is not as great as I make it out to be. But I would encourage you to pray every day for us. More depends on the success of this endevour than you can know.

To mom and dad and all my friends out there Grace and Peace from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Uganda,


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