Thursday, May 23

Greetings from Uganda. Today was fabulous. We went to Sipi Falls, which is located up in a mountinous area near Mount Elgon. The waterfalls were breathtaking, and the views were awe inspiring. I took several rolls of film, and when I get back to the states I will try to post them online for your viewing pleasure.

All the people here are doing well. Getting to know some of these people better has been a great experience. We have one down and one week to go, and I am pleasantly tired and not exactly ready to launch into another week of teaching. :) Teaching is much harder than it looks. I think the most difficult thing about teaching is the thought that some of your students may not learn. To think that they are trying so hard and they run the risk of not making it is almost more than I like to think about. Pray for them and me. I want to do my best for them, and I need God help.

I would like to emphasize how little you can depend on things like electricity and water around here. If phone calls and emails and posts take longer than expected it is because we are very busy and many times the necessities do not work around our schedule. <grin> Than part of what being a missionary is about. I have learned a tremendous amount of what missionaries go through teaching and dealing with differences in culture. I need to go so i’ll talk with ya later.

In Uganda,


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