Wednesday, July 24

My first sonnet, The Fruit of the Spirit, inspired by Galatians 5:22, and written mostly in iambic pentameter, though I think I probably strayed from the meter a little.

A sonnet, for those who are unfamiliar with the form, is a poem written in 14 lines, using iambic pentameter, and follows a specific rhyming scheme. Now, you are probably wondering what iambic pentameter is, so i’ll give you the trimmed down verision. An iamb is a two syllable phrase, where the first syllable is emphasised. For example, the word CHRISTmas is an iamb. Pentameter means sets of five. Thus, iambic pentameter is a line with ten syllables, with every other syllable emphasised starting with the first syllable.

Most of the poems I have written so far have been written on the fly, captured and penned the instant I heard some piece of inspiration. The meters were largly determined by the first line. This is the first time I have set down to write a peom in a predefined meter, with a predefined subject matter. I would appreciate your comments.


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