Monday, June 17

The Fruit of the Spirit


Love hath given life to my aching soul
By death on a tree on a dark gray knoll
Joy through death then compassed this ailing land
And brought to us a peace by His fair hand
A peace that passeth our comprehension
And sooths our fiery raging passion
Thus we may suffer long with joy and care
There will be no burden that we can’t bear
And with our suffering gentleness brings
Softening our heart until out of it springs
Goodness that we may bless all those around
And help them with trials that thus abound
From the working of faith in a real earth
Faith made possible by Jesus Christ’s birth



  1. Daniel Ferrill on

    Hey Jason,

    Don’t know if you remember me or not, I’m the guy from California that had dinner with you and Chad Burns one night early last September… Just wanted to let you know that I liked your sonnet, but it has a couple of spelling errors:

    1. The word “comprehension” needs an “n” before the “s”
    2. I don’t know if apostrophes count as punctuation (which I assume you’re leaving out on purpose), but there should be an apostrophe in the last line: “Jesus Christ’s birth”

    I really like the website, and look forward to browsing it further. (: