Saturday, May 18


  1. ROFL, that is SO Hilarious. LOL I like Rhe’s caption. LOL. Okay, how about:

    “But, Mom-meeeeeee….it’s too cooooooooooooold!”

  2. I don’t think, Jason, that you were crying about the bath. I think you were crying at the fashion mockery your parents made out of you…
    Look at those suspenders! Yikes!
    Night John-Boy


  3. ROFLMSO! (That’s Laughing my socks off, btw) Ooooh, my side hurts. Okay, Sir Wall. This photo looks like it has a story (don’t they all?)! If there is one, do we getta hear it? Huh? Huh? Huh?


    I have to use soap?!

  4. Indeed, there is a story. See, aparently I used to really love taking my bath. On this particular occasion, I got so excited about taking my bath that I just jumped in. In my haste I forgot to take off my clothes… any of them… so there I was, shoes and socks and everything still on, when I realized my mom had told me not to get in the tub yet… I started crying cause I realized what I had done. My mom thought it was so funny, so she ran and got her camera, took a picture, and gave me a spanking… *grin* fond memories…