Tuesday, April 16

Thus dawns a new year. I’m glad for chance to tie up the last loose strands of the old year, to pause and consider what has come and what may still be accomplished. In the year 2002, I traveled to Africa, started blogging, wrote 76 pieces of poetry, took over 400 photographs, built walljm.com and worked to bring its daily average stats up to 204 sessions, met many new friends, discovered what I love doing and made strides toward moving my career in that direction.

In 2003 I hope to meet in person some of my new friends, jog along the beach as the sun rises on the Pacific coast, stand and look out over the Atlantic, and reduce my debt by 50%. I want to write better poetry, learn to understand some of the complexities of photographic lighting, and see my photo’s published somewhere.

It has been a good year, and I’m eager to see what 2003 may hold for me. What have you accomplished this past year? What do you hope to accomplish in the year ahead?



  1. Write more. Finish a script. Put together my book of poetry. Learn more about vocal intonation. Record another poetry CD… one that’s good this time *smile* Stay healthy. Follow God to the glorious end. Meet some of the new friends I’ve met online. Happy New Year Jason