Monday, June 17

Dear Mrs. Ellen,

We don’t resent you, we welcome you. See… we’re on your side. After having been subjected to years of female ridicule and distain, the male society welcomes with open arms those women who are willing to love those things about us that we were born to yearn for. Men want to be noble. Chivalry isn’t dead, its suffocating. I don’t speak for all men, and I’m sure you don’t speak for all women, but for what it’s worth, LOTR isn’t a locker room, and women are welcome.


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  1. Interesting column and I have to agree with your take on it. But I can also see her point about Hollywood’s attitude toward the female audience. I much prefer movies like Gladiator and LOTR to the usual “chick flicks.” (Although I do like those at times.)

    As for the LOTR locker room…I think she’s wrong. I have read a lot of blogs by women who love the books as well as the movies. These ladies read the books as girls and loved them as much as their male counterparts. She doesn’t seem to have read them or she would understand that. Girls can be nerds too. ;)