Wednesday, April 17

My first epic. I post it here for your evaluation first, as I’m not sure its finished. Post your comments, thoughts, ideas and such. At some point I will either write more, make changes, or just post it as is in the poetry section. Thanks!

Note: The Anarion featured here has no relation to Isildur’s brother and the setting is my own creation and should bear no resemblance to middle earth. The etymology and origin of the names, though they were heavily influenced by Tolkien and can be translated using Quenyan, make no claim to actually be Quenyan.

Anarion’s Lay

See the morning fair and blue
Breaking on the western sea
Soft and glowing, gold in hue
Spreading on the greensward lee

Fair the sunrise ere the day
She danced within the grassy dell
Long hair black and laughing gay
There he saw sweet Aranel

Her he watched beneath the pine
Long known to him since childhood
Daughter of a noble line
With a soul both kind and good

And for her his heart failed not
The quest that lay before him
A heavy weight, a road hard fought
Fraught with dangers dark and grim

With determined will he turned
And journeyed far in foreign fields
From the wise their wisdom learned
With the strong his blade did wield

To this end long he laboured
To destroy the three dark lords
In Pelenath, city favored
Fallen ‘neath their angry hordes

Land beneath a dull grey veil
Sluggish souls caught in despair
Rife with spoil in dell and dale
Land that lost what once was fair

But beneath the sluggish blight
A spark of hope lay hidden
Till one with truth his banner bright
Would breach foul hearts unbidden

Then would land awake in wrath
And cast down the darkling three
Led by leader down a path
Through battle on to victory

Arise Anarion the fair
Take a hold thy sword of truth
With honor bright, thou art heir
Claim thy right in days of youth

Quailed he not and stood he fast
With thought of land and lady
For the future and the past
He won the day with glory

Hail Anarion the King!
Hail his bride sweet Aranel!
Let the land lift voice and sing
The day the wicked Triad fell


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