Wednesday, July 24

Its important to be quiet when you’re hunting. It is perhaps one reason why hunting is liked so much by men. Alone with nature, the beauty of God’s own creation stretching out before you in all directions. Getting up well before dawn, and watching the sun rise slowly over those snow capped mountains.

Then there is the thrill of the chase! The adrenaline fed rush of the contest between man and beast. The prize is life and food for your family, the knowledge that you are able to provide another day of peace and comfort for those you love.

But the hunt is spoiled by greed. Grubby hands who take to much, spoiling the land, destroying the chance for life, ruining your hopes. Then must a man go to war, and the hunt becomes a darker deed. Yet you will hunt, and for the same reasons, and silent will be the arrow that takes thy prey.

Tis a grim glory and a terrible might, the man whose love has been endangered by the lust of foolish men. Beware the golden arrow, for it is said that when all the land is overrun, and hope is at it’s dimmest, then shall the golden arrow be loosed, and truth will reign in high places.

(exerpt from the notes of Gamil, loremaster of the house of Aaron, third house of Pellenath)


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